Diversify your portfolio. Invest in the West.


Why invest in the west?


Western Europe maintains a neutral position in world politics.

Switzerland, the Fort Knox of Europe

No safer place to entrust your money.



Travel between key locations in Europe is efficient in speed and accessibility


400 million inhabitants with a high average GDP/capita and standards of living.

No Currency Risk

Strong, stable currency with the Euro.


High Level of Direct Foreign Investment

According to Eurostat, Western Europe represented over € 280 billion worth of foreign direct investments in 2017.


Legal certainty and clarity thanks to the European Legal Regulatory Framework.

Financial, Political and Cultural Centers

London, Paris, Milan, Brussels: global capitals.



Europeans are citizens of the world and are used to multicultural encounters.

WhICH Investments Can I Make?



M&A | Private Equity | Mezzanine Financing


Tech Funds

Cleantech | Fintech | Security


Real estate

Residential | Commercial & Offices | Land | Industrial

Why us?


We can be relied upon and have strong references in our areas of expertise.


We follow a strict code of conduct and act only in the interest of our clients.


Our team is at your disposal and focuses on managing your investments exclusively.


We have no political affiliation and strive to be as objective as possible.


We are dealmakers through and through.


As part of our legal and ethical contract with the client, we are very discrete about the business we conduct.


We work with open books and a transparent remuneration system.


We understand the Western European market and have deep expertise in each of the industries we propose.

How we work

Business Ownership Chart

For most investments, we suggest working with a holding (either pre-existing or new), fully owned by the client and managed by a Board of Directors. This holding is the full owner of the Investment Company. Potential investments are proposed by the Investment Managers Committee, and are approved by the Advisory Board (comprised of experts) before being proposed to the Board of Directors for a final go. This way, we ensure full transparency and make sure that no investment can happen without client consent. 

Rules of Conduct

We follow 3 rules in everything we do:

1. Legal compliance. Nothing we do is illegal or unethical. We adhere to the strictest standards.

2. Open books. We strive to be transparent in all of our transactions, and invite our clients to regularly engage with us.

3. Consent of the client. All major decisions are made with client consent (see also Business Ownership Chart)


The exact remuneration model depends on the type of transaction, but is always agreed upon with the client prior to the start of the investment project. In general, we distinguish 3 types of payment:

1. Working capital for the Investment Company. This includes out-of-pocket expenses and the payment of the investment managers.

2. Management fee upon closing an investment deal (paid to the deal team).

3. Farming is compensated through a performance-based % on the result of the investment.

OUr references


Invest in the West

Invest in the West offers a strong, experienced team with a proven track record in business. Each of us has over 20 years of experience in our specific area of expertise: business development, M&A, venture capital, real estate, private equity, e-commerce or franchising. We know our markets through and through, and can rely on a reliable network to find the best investment managers Western Europe has to offer.

Feel free to take a look at our individual resumés to find out more about who we have worked for and what we have realized throughout our careers.



Invest in the West is an initiative by BrainTower, a reputed consulting agency with strong expertise in business development, marketing and sales. BrainTower has been active in the Middle East (HQ in Oman) for over 10 years, and has built a strong portfolio with local clients. Do not hesitate to get in touch and we will happily provide you with testimonials and references from satisfied customers.



Salim Al Barami

Business Development

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Jan De Lancker

Business Development

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Rene Rosiers


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Jan Vorstermans

Venture Capital & Tech Funds

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Kris Iserbyt

Real Estate

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Lieven Cuvelier

Private Equity

Thierry Moubax


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Rudy Hulsman


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Irene Katopodis

Project Manager

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Companies we've worked for


If you are interested in a one-to-one on what we can do for you, feel free to contact us by mail or phone. We will happily assist you in whichever language is most convenient.


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