How we work

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Business Ownership Chart

For most investments, we suggest working with a holding (either pre-existing or new), fully owned by the client and managed by a Board of Directors. This holding is the full owner of the Investment Company. Potential investments are proposed by the Investment Managers Committee, and are approved by the Advisory Board (comprised of experts) before being proposed to the Board of Directors for a final go. This way, we ensure full transparency and make sure that no investment can happen without prior consent by the client. 

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Rules of Conduct

We follow 3 rules in everything we do:

1. Legal compliance. Nothing we do is illegal or unethical. We adhere to the strictest standards.

2. Open books. We strive to be transparent in all of our transactions, and invite our clients to regularly engage with us.

3. Consent of the client. All major decisions are taken after the express consent of the client (see also Business Ownership Chart)



The exact remuneration model depends on the type of transaction, but is always agreed upon with the client prior to the start of the investment project. In general, we distinguish 3 types of payment:

1. Working capital for the Investment Company. This includes out-of-pocket expenses and the payment of the investment managers.

2. Management fee upon closing an investment deal (paid to the deal team).

3. Farming is compensated through a performance-based % on the result of the investment.